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Hidden Facebook conversations


I want to delete my fb messages. I had clicked on the ‘x’ icon and they disappeared. Now i cant find the senders’ names to delete the messages between us.


The messages were ‘archived‘. You have to find these archived messages in order to be able to delete them permanently.

First you need to access them by following these steps

Then you can delete them by following the instruction here

Details with pictures, tips and warnings can be found here

Now you should be able to delete the ‘hidden messages’ completely 🙂




There is a Show Desktop shorcut when I use Windows XP or Vista, but I can’t find it in Windows 7 and 8.


Show Desktop was a feature present in Windows XP and Windows Vista, but has been changed to the Aero Peek/Show Desktop button on the bottom right corner of the screen, near the Notification Area in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The solution can be found here. I would recommend Option 1 as it is faster and easier, and the file doesn’t contain virus.

Hope this helps

Where is my Roboform toolbar?


My Roboform toolbar disappeared right after i reset and installed my new Firefox.

I checked and saw that my Roboform folder had been installed already image


Firefox disabled the toolbar .


Simply go to Tools ~> Add-ons (or Control + Shift + A) ~> Extensions

There you’ll see RoboForm Toolbar for Firefox ~> Enable.


AMAZON PRIME 866-557-2820 US


This morning I was charged $79 on my debit card. I was afraid that it was internet fraud, but it wasn’t. I checked my online account balance and found out it was due to AMAZON PRIME 866-557-2820 US.

Reason: I signed up for the free trial to Amazon Prime. When the trial period expired, Amazon automatically enrolled me to its annual paid membership. Now I wanna get my money back.

Solution: Can be found here

Instructions with images:

For more information, just contact them.


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